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The balcony is an elegant addition to any home. It is the most comfortable place to sit and enjoy the morning sun or the cool evening.

Balconies are located a few meters above the ground, or more, which is why fencing is necessary. Choosing the right model, material and method of fencing installation are the most  important elements for a well-installed fence and their choice is limited.

Balcony with installed glass fence

As a result, glass fences are becoming more popular with many people and the reasons are obvious. There are three main reasons why people opt for glass fences:

  1. The view

When building a property, many investors opt for balconies because there is a beautiful view in front.

With a tempting view and the need for a fence the balcony itself got a cumbersome appearance. Also, not all materials fit the exterior of the building. Carved wood may be one of the choices but it does not blend in with a modern design.

Glass fences and their supports can be stylish, classic and elegant and they will not affect the look. However, if you feel your space is too open and exposed with transparent glass panels why not choosing the opaque ones?

Are you worried about maintaining glass panels? Keeping your glass clean and trace-free takes only a few minutes with chemical glass cleaners or natural products like vinegar mixed with lukewarm water.


2.Additional safety

The glass panels used in the fence designs are both fixed and tempered.

  • Tempered glass has excellent strength which makes it one of the hardest materials used in fencing. Tempered glass will not break; it can get fissures or crack. This means that although the panel may be weakened, it still provides protection against falling over the edge and there will be no danger with regard to large and sharp segments of glass. The panel replacement is easily done.

As the panel is a solid piece of glass, rectangular in shape, the distance between the panel and the staircase is small enough to prevent pets from getting stuck or your toes getting pinched. Glass fences are simple in their structure but durable and sturdy.


Balconies offer shade from a hot sun, protection from bad weather conditions such as showers or strong winds, or any other external influences.

Bad weather gives trouble to your balcony chairs and tables, plants and lighting. Most often, when choosing a fence, you think of it as a safety feature that prevents accidental fall over the edge or the like. However, you may need more than the fence itself; you may need a protection from wind and rain. A glass fence is a safe barrier that can protect the furniture on your balcony.

Traditional fencing systems do not offer the same level of protection against wind and lateral rain.

Simple but effective barrier

Structural or post system glass fences can add to the visual appeal of your balcony that you may not have thought possible. As more and more people use their outdoor space for daily activities, glass fences make the perfect choice for many reasons.