A well designed fence is a great addition to any design.

The key decision for proper finishing of your fence is whether to have high gloss or brushed satin posts and its elements.

Basically, it all comes down to style and preferences when you make a decision.

Why stainless steel?

Before considering the finish, let’s consider the stainless steel itself and why it’s the perfect material for any fence system.

It is the most popular in contemporary design of business and residential buildings. First of all, because it is a very durable material and protected by the presence of chromium oxide in its structure. This happens when there is a reaction between chromium in steel and air. The result is the finishing that keeps the gloss and original look for incredibly long time.

It provides durability and adaptability to all fencing systems. All in all, there are only few types of material that would evenly match stainless steel.

But which finishing is the best for you?



Finishing – High gloss

Polishing enhances the texture, appearance and consistency of stainless steel. In the case of high gloss, an effective reflective surface is created. This is accomplished by pre-grinding the metal and removing the damages on the surface and then polishing it to create a high mirror-like reflective glow on the surface.

The surface is so smooth that material does not absorb dust and dirt, which makes it easy to maintain. Because of this, most buyers choose high gloss finish as exterior fencing.

However, there is one downside to this – if you can’t stand the fingerprints on the reflective surface, it will definitely be an annoyance to you!

Finishing – Brushed Satin surface

Flat or brushed satin finish do not have bright reflective properties of the mirror.

In this case, stainless steel is polished using abrasive strips of 120 to 180 granules. Belt movement back and forth gives a uniform appearance to the final product.

The smooth touch effect of stainless steel with a brushed satin finish attracts many customers. Most think that the brushed satin or flat finish are classic, with more style and will be popular for a long time.

Surfaces that are not glossy tolerate stains and dirt better. The reason is that they are not easily visible on the brushed satin surface. In other words, you won’t feel the need to constantly wipe and polish!

Everyone living in coastal areas is advised to choose a high gloss finish as it does not allow small particles of dust, dirt and, above all, salts to be trapped in tiny pores and cause to the destruction of the material structure, which would occur sooner or later.


Brushed Satin stainless steel components are easily adaptable to any environment and they contributing to a more attractive fence look.